The LCD’s on smartphones produce amazing image quality on their own, but when you add the EyeFly3D screen protector, it brings it into a whole new category. There are specific instructions for applying the tempered glass protector to your iPhone 5/5s $29.95 (iPhone 6/6 plus versions are due out in January) to ensure it works properly. EyeFly3D was developed by Nanoveu with a patent-pending technology, which allows it to work without glasses but makes your images and video’s appear to jump out of the screen.


The EyeFly3D uses free apps for viewing video (EyeFly3D Vid) or images (EyeFly3D Pix) in landscape or portrait modes. Through the apps settings, you’ll convert your media to 3D. It sounded confusing to me when I read about this product but honestly, to see it is to believe it. It’s almost like magic to know I can now watch everything in 3D, without the need of 3D glasses.


According to Nanoveu “What sets EyeFly3D apart from its competitors is that the technology uses lenticular lenses to produce high-quality 3D that feels natural to the human eye. Our screens are more transparent, affordable, simple to use, and feature intuitive apps that allow the user to create, share and experience glasses-free 3D, without distorted, darkened images that are uncomfortable to view.”

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