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Nanoveu are an interesting company from Singapore, they’re able to transform your smartphone/tablet into a 3D display by just adding on a screen protector, and no need to wear glasses.

By using either their EyeFly3D protective glass, or screen protector, you not only get screen protection but the ability to use their photo and video apps. The photo app is a really impressive editing programme, which is easy to use, and simply converts your photos into a compatible format, so you can create excellent 3D photo effects in just seconds. The video app allows you to play existing 3D films and then watch them on your phone/ tablet. The only real negatives are that there’s not much 3D material readily available online, so you’d have to rip your own films, and secondly in fast moving scenes, there is a bit of a blur, but it’s not bad either. The 3D glassless effect is really impressive, and they’ve also created a partnership with a well known software developer to utilise this, to create games. It’s only available for the iPhone and iPad right now, but will soon be available for Android devices. We look forward to seeing more.