Customskins is a mobile phone screen protector laminator retail vending machine. 

Customskins Addresses the Needs of Telcos


Nanoveu has partnered with a manufacturer of factory-grade laminating machines to create a vending machine designed specifically to install screen protectors on mobile devices. The Customskins vending machine makes it significantly faster and easier to install a screen protector on a mobile device. The installation is done perfectly and precisely, every time, without the chance of dust or bubbles ruining the install.  Customskins can equip smartphones with a screen protector, made of flat or curved tempered glass, in just over a minute and with an alignment accuracy of 150 microns.


The Customskins machines are able to apply various types of screen protectors, including Nanoveu’s own flagship product EyeFly3D™, to a range of smartphone models.


Installing a screen protector by hand can be a time consuming and often frustrating process that can result in product waste. Nanoveu’s new vending machines are well placed to solve these problems.

See it in action...

Customskins Market opportunity

Nanoveu is currently in discussions with a number of potential partners for the deployment of screen protector vending machines in a number of countries. Trials are currently in progress.

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