Specialising in films and coatings
for next generation applications.


Cost effective, antimicrobial protection as well as solar efficiency improvement applications.


Providing continual, passive disinfection on high-touch surfaces and touch screens.

More Applications

Discover more about the
Masterbatch, Wellness and Vision applications of Nanoveu technology.

Our Technology

Developed over a decade together with global product leaders

Our Strategy

Focussing on near term market opportunities for films and coatings

Films and Coatings for Next Generation Applications


Protective coatings for porous and
non-porous surfaces.


Protective films that provide continuous durable,
passive disinfection.


Australian TGA listed drug free solutions that improve blood flow to soothe muscles and joints.


Tiny nano-lenses that improve image quality and enable distortion free 2D/3D.

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