Frequently Asked Questions

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You will need to download two EyeFly3D free apps from the Apple App store to use the product.

Go here to watch a video on how to install your EyeFly3D film.

The Apps can be found in the Apple App Store

Go here to install EyeFly3D Img

Go here to install EyeFly3D Vid

Sometimes your existing apps will experience issues after you upgrade your phone operating system. To continue enjoying Glasses Free 3D viewing on your video app, we suggest that you back up your saved video files, uninstall the app and then reinstall.

• Connect your phone to your computer, go to iTunes, click on the Apps button and scroll down to File Sharing.
• Click on the EyeFly3D Vid App and select all the saved files under Documents on the panel to the right. Save these to a folder for safekeeping.
• Delete the EyeFly3D Vid App from your phone and reinstall via the App Store.
• Return to File Sharing and upload your saved files to the App


If you choose not to back up your saved files, please be aware that reinstalling the app will remove all of your content from the Media tab in the App.

Simply go to and buy direct from our websiteor from a local store near you. If you have difficulty finding a local store that stocks EyeFly3D, please help us by suggesting to your local store manager that they contact us to obtain wholesale pricing and for reseller support.
Your Eyefly3D product comes with a high grade nano-engineered film that turns the ordinary screens of handheld devices into 3D displays and also acts as a screen protector. It comes with a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the product. You will need to download two EyeFly3D free apps from the Apple App store to use the product. Also included is sticky tape and a cloth for cleaning.
Yes. EyeFly3D enables you to watch 3D content and is also a high quality screen protector.
This product has been created so that it can diffract light from the LCD screen of your smart device. Our apps re-organise fragmented pixels and display them through our EyeFly3D film to provide a 3D experience. As we develop 2D to 3D conversion tools and more, these will be added to our Apps.
It is really quite straightforward if you watch the installation video here. It is important that you follow the simple instructions and align your new EyeFly3D film correctly to get the best results.
Your EyeFly3D film has the same properties as most PET screen protectors. Depending on your usage, it will last as long as most screen protectors.
Go here to watch video instructions on how to upload stereoscopic 3D images and videos onto your device.
The apps accept Stereoscopic Side by Side mp4 video format at this time for uploading video
You can use third party software to convert your video. Go here to watch Xilisoft video instructions.
We are working on EyeFly3D for Android phones and for most high resolution devices. Follow us on our social media channels for our latest announcements and product releases.
We will be releasing the IPad3 next. We will also have the LG Optimus and the LG Optimus Pro, followed by the HTC Butterfly and Sony Xperia Z. We are also looking at the Apple MacBook Pro Retina series of laptops.
Technically this is possible. However, our company is focusing on providing the best 3D experience for high resolution, smaller screen devices.
Unfortunately not. Each EyeFly3D product is designed specifically for a device. We iterate the lens to get the optimum design. We intend to roll out EyeFly3D to as many popular devices as we can, as quickly as possible.
Selected content can be streamed via the YouTube tab in the EyeFly3D Video app. Stored content can be viewed through either EyeFly3D app.
• Save the appropriate photo or movie to your computer
• Connect your smart device to your computer
• Launch iTunes
• Click on the tab displaying your device name
• Click the Apps tab
• Select Eyefly3D Img or EyeFly3D Vid from the bottom left menu
• Click the ‘Add’ button and select the photo or movie you wish to import. This will move it into the App and you can view the content on your device via the Image or Video app.

Or, simply upload your 3D video in YouTube and view through our EyeFly3D Video YouTube tab.

Videos created in side-by-side mode, otherwise known as left & right format can be uploaded. Specifically *.mp4 video formats.
Images in autostereoscopic format can be uploaded.
We are busy forging relationships with content owners to bring you the best available content for your viewing.

3D Cameras
We currently support Left and Right images directly from some off the shelf camera such as the GoPro Cameras ( ) and you may go to their website to download their 3D videos to see how stunning 3D movies can look. We will be supporting a number of other cameras soon. Stay tuned.

For Images
We intend to release in the third quarter of 2013, a 2D to 3D converter for images with very minimal user intervention. Please be patient as our software engineers toil to give you the best solution(s).

For Movies
There are tens of thousands of 3D movies in YouTube and we stream them directly from YouTube. We intend to release more support for sites current displaying 3D content.

Our engineers are working hard to create drivers and plug-ins for software platforms like Unity 3D that will allow game developers to work with EyeFly3D to provide a 3D gaming experience.
There are many types of 3D formats (interleaved, side by side, cross eyed, Red/Cyan etc) and each requires different treatment to be viewed. At present we support side by side.
When we designed our lenses, our engineers took into consideration many factors. Paramount to this is the comfort, viewing angle, negligible moire (patterns appearing over images), and maintaining brightness. We feel we have attained the best possible combination of attributes for comfort, viewing angle, uncompromised 2D and brightness (so that your device does not need to compensate and drain the battery life). As a result of taking this approach, we had to give up some 3D attributes, however, we still provide a clear and brilliant 3D experience for a hand held device operating under natural lighting.
The EyeFly3D lens technology does not provide the eye popping effects of other 3D devices or 3D viewed at the movies. These effects are usually dependent on creating specific viewing conditions or layering separate LCD panels on your device. Our EyeFly3D product is a thin 0.1mm film that attaches almost invisibly to your hand held device.
Please check the alignment of your EyeFly3D film against the alignment screen in our Image App. A well aligned film will have little effect on 2D images. Whilst some impact is experienced with any screen protector, we believe we have achieved minimal impact for this type of product. Some of users have notice some pixel loss and the actual distortion varies from user to user.
The nano structures have been embossed onto the film and cannot be removed easily. If dirt becomes trapped on the lens, please take some alcohol based cleaner and clean it gently. Do not be concerned about damaging the lens, it is fine with a normal rub.
All of our orders will be tracked. From registered mail to couriers after you place your order you can be assured the product will arrive at your mailing address with all the care our delivery partners typically provide. Delivery notifications, tracking numbers and estimated delivery dates are sent to your email address.